Laurel and Keith

We have used the pontoon boat in various ways and have taken it on the outside of Bribie, with most of the trips up our loved Pumicestone Passage… We have found the boat very seaworthy with our return trip from the Caboolture River Marina where we had the antifouling done. The wind  was blowing at 30knts with waves up to 2 metres. We felt quite safe.

Morning tea runs with friends – Sunday lunch in a quiet anchorage up the passage having a snooze, reading the Sunday Paper, fishing and crabbing trips up the Passage. It is so easy to carry crab pots fishing gear with plenty of room to spare……. We have had one trip through to Caloundra to meet friends who were up there on holidays.

We keep the Pontoon boat at Pacific Harbour tied to a Pontoon – this gives us easy access to load – easy cleaning facilities. Just an easy step from the Pontoon onto the Boat.

This is a GREAT lifestyle.
Regards Laurel and Keith.

Tammy & Phil Game

My Wife and I purchased a Runaway Bay Pontoon boat in Oct 2013. I must say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. It was new when we purchased it only 6 months ago and we now have about 100hrs on it as we’ve been out on it every weekend. I don’t think there’s a place on the Gold Coast Broad water that we haven’t investigated, but there’s one place we love the most.
Wave Break Island – A trip to Wave-Break Island for the kids to swim and play. At lunch we cruise across to Charis Seafood and grab some fish and prawns, let the kids play in the playground and then they ski and knee board all the way home. Always a great day out.The boat is so versatile for a family like us, with 4 kids under 10. They play on the beach while we sit under the shade of the boat with iPod music playing through the outstanding sound system. We can run it up on the sand and don’t have to worry about anchoring meters away. It fits 14 adults and does it quite comfortably. Then to top it all off we take the kids home on the 3-man tube out the back as the 225Hp engine moves us along at about 25 knots quite easily. I’d have to say it’s the best purchase we’ve made.The guys at RWBPB are fantastic to deal with. The workmanship on the boat is far better than I expected. We haven’t had any issues at all with the boat and the service levels they’ve provided have been well above expectations. I’d have no hesitation at all in recommending the team at RWBPB if you’re in the market for a fantastic and versatile vessel.

Dave Turner

Based on the Murray River around Cobram Victoria “Ruband Rocket”, the boat started life a 16-foot long twin hull designed for a 40hp outboard putting around the Canals and Broadwater of the Gold Coast, after traveling south the boat morphed into an 18 foot Tri Hull fitted with 150Hp Mercury that turns heads all along the mighty Murray.
Click on the attached Videos to see Dave and his family enjoying his Runaway Bay Pontoon Boat.
Dave feels the need for speed and his little rocket gives him all he wants.

Jan & Paul Greenland

We purchased a new imported pontoon boat some years ago now, however due to the rapid deterioration of it, decided to upgrade to a locally made pontoon boat. Best boating decision we ever made, “Runaway Bay Pontoon Boats” are so professionally made. They are solid in construction, which is what we were after because the water conditions on the Gold Coast Broadwater can change from calm to very rough in a matter of a few hours. The wash from the large luxury cruisers can also make it difficult but our new boat handles this easily. These boats are all made for our salt water conditions and the wiring and workmanship is so far superior compared to our previous boat.
Our boat has a 24’ deck which provides more than enough room for when our families come to visit with our grandchildren and the 140HP 4 stroke outboard is more than enough to push us along at a comfortable speed.
The boat also provides great adverting space on the outside walls for our sons jet ski business “GEE RACING” The boat with the signs are very visible at his jet ski events, along with the after parties on nearby beaches where the boat is used as an entertainment hub.
After sales service is excellent and prompt because they are locally made.
“Runaway Bay Pontoon Boats” also stock a large range of pontoon boat accessories and lounges.


Joan & Paul Murray

We have had different cruisers over time and were getting tired of the constant “Money Pit” they had all become. It took some time to adjust to the idea of a pontoon boat but after inspecting one at the boat show, we began to have a change of heart.
We drove out to the factory and after seeing the care and attention and the almost “over engineering” that went into a build, we knew this was for us! Scotty, Neil & Craig spent a lot of time with us from the planning of the size of our tri-hull and Mercury 200hp motor to the hull colours and upholstery. They were in touch with us every step of the way and every detail was discussed and recommendations were made. I cannot stress how impressed we are with the passion and attention to detail that has gone into the building of our boat.
It is fantastic to load all our friends and motor up to Couran Cove or a beach at Wave break or South Stradbroke, hop off straight onto the sand and have a great day out.
Scotty took great care to place the furniture where we would have enough room for our 12 volt fridge, generator and esky. Plenty of 12volt outlets make life easy also as we intend to camp overnight when the weather warms up.
We compared imported pontoon boats but we felt that they would not be up to Australian conditions and Runwaway Bay Pontoon Boats were so much better value for money plus the personalised attention to detail would not be available from something built for fresh water thousands of miles away.
We have only done 10 hours so far but every time out we have been pleasantly surprised at the speed and agility of our “little” Trident.

Eric T – Yamba

I recently purchased a pontoon boat from Runaway Bay Pontoon Boats. I was looking for an Australian made boat so I started searching the internet. I made. Phone call and then went and visited the factory. Coming from an engineering family I was after top quality materials and craftsmanship which I found at the factory. I ordered a 26″ Tri hull with added extras such as toilet, change room, sink & BBQ. After consultation I also added a 200hp supercharged 4 stroke mercury motor. This moves he boat along at 35 knots when needed it also cruises at 3500rpm & only uses 14l per hour which is very economical. The boat also carries 14 persons which is a perfect size for the family. This is my 14th boat and is pure luxury.

I am very happy with how everything turned out!

Pontoon Boats Brisbane
Pontoon Boats Brisbane

George S.

I purchased a pontoon boat from Runaway Bay Pontoon Boats mid 2016, the team were a pleasure to deal with and nothing seemed too hard, they satisfied all our needs when purchasing the boat making it so easy.
The boat has a 250hp motor, it handles beautifully cutting through the water with ease, I am so impressed with the ride and quality of the boat as a whole, even larger bonus knowing that it is made in Queensland and that my money was spent in Australia.
The team at Runaway Bay Pontoon Boats are to be commended in producing a boat far superior to any import, would recommend this boat & Company to anyone looking to purchase a Pontoon Boat.

George S.

Pontoon Boats Brisbane
Pontoon Boats Brisbane

Graham W.

I recently purchased a 23FT twin hull pontoon boat from RWBPB and the team. The boat has a 115HP Mercury motor which services our family needs very adequately for the style of boating we do on the Noosa River.
I am very happy with the boat and the service provided by the Brisbane/Queensland team.
They modified the boat design to suit our requirements and they were very helpful with choosing colours etc… and delivered the boat on time.
On delivery of the boat to Noosa the team provided me with operational training etc… which was also very helpful.

All in all I am a very happy and satisfied customer.

Graham W.
Noosa Waters

Pontoon Boats Brisbane
Pontoon Boats Brisbane